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Popular Tattoo Designs for Girls

Girls are always asking me what tattoos they should get or what I think are the hottest tattoos for girls. Unfortunately there is no clear cut answer simply because there are as many different types of tattoos are there are girls. What one person might find sexy another might consider unattractive or very unfeminine.

Certain styles of tattoos might not suit the image you want to project. For example certain work environments may not accept highly visible tattoos even though tattoos are becoming more and more accepted. It may be wise to hold off getting that sacred heart tattoo emblazoned across your chest if your boss is going to flip out if (s)he sees it!

So in saying that what I hope to do in this short article is offer my insight and experience within the tattoo industry for the past 9 or 10 years and point out the current tattoo trends and what the most popular styles of tattoos are for girls. At the end of the day you want a tattoo that has lasting appeal and not a tattoo that was done on a whim. If I give you some good ideas for your next tattoo all the better...

Trends come and go. What was cool ten years ago is no longer cool. In the nineties certain types of tattoos such as cartoon characters like Betty Boop, barbed wire armbands and dolphins were in. Looking at them now they appear very cheesy and basic.

Tattoo art has come such a long way in the past few years even. Certain styles of tattoos have become perennial and have risen to a point where they are getting the respect and acknowledged they deserve for their intricacy and artistry.

Styles as diverse as Japanese tattoos, Indian/Hindu tattoos, Anime, Traditional American and Floral designs are raising the bar higher and higher and becoming increasingly popular.

Alongside that is the fact that people are beginning to see their skin as a human canvas and not just settling for random tattoos placed haphazardly on a part of the body that is hidden. Nowadays more and more girls are getting larger tattoos and more of them.

This may explain the popularity of Japanese tattoos. In traditional Japanese tattoos each character has a meaning and interacts with the other tattoo designs as part of the whole.

The same is true for Traditional American tattoos. Previously what were once done as individual tattoos from disparate elements of American culture are now being woven into an organic and is more like a story unfolding.

Top Five Most Popular Tattoos for Girls

Irezumi - Traditional Japanese tattoos - More and more girls are asking for large tattoo designs such as koi fish, dragons on their hips, back and arms.

Traditional American tattoos - Old school 'Sailor Jerry' tattoos and images such as classic American cars, pin-ups, swallows and nautical stars are becoming more popular on girls chests, abdomen, back and legs.

Floral tattoos - So many girls are getting flower tattoos as full sleeve tattoos or covering their entire back or legs with floral designs. Flower tattoo designs such as lotus flowers, peonies, orchids, chrysanthemums and flowering vines are the most popular.

Anime - Japanese animation has become massive and doesn't show any sign of disappearing any time soon. As a result Anime tattoos have become popular in the past five years or so. The only risk with Anime tattoo is that unlike other styles will probably age much quicker even though it looks great now.

Koi Fish Tattoo Design

Koi Fish Tattoo Design

Koi Fish Tattoo Design

Koi Fish Tattoo Design

Koi Fish Tattoo Design

Fish Koi Tattoos Japanese Koi Fish Tattoos Design. Fish Koi Tattoos Meaning and Symbolism.The word "koi" comes from Japanese. Koi fish are specially bred in Japan for their color. A prize example can be valued in the $100,000 range. Koi are a type of carp and have been cultivated and bred in Japan for possibly thousands of years.

If you have been to Japan you will notice they are a common feature in most traditional Japanese gardens. They most likely originated from Eastern Asia, Aral, Black and Caspian Seas. Earliest records of Koi have been found in China and have been widely spread in Japan. For the Japanese Fish Koi represent strength and power because they are often able to lift their entire body up and jump out of the water.Koi fish tattoos are beautiful and wildly popular right now.

Koi fish tattoos of course have a long history and go all the way back to ancient Japanese times and it is a definite Japanese or Asian tattoo theme. Therefore the tattoos that represent koi fish often show them splashing in the water and water flying everywhere which shows of their strength. Plus as an added bonus they are an absolute beautiful fish and the colors of them lend themselves to a tattoos.The beautiful bright oranges mixed witht he blues of water make for an ideal tattoo plus since they are traditionally a Japanese tattoo they lend a sort of forgien mystery to their air.Fish Koi tattoos are now very popular among men and women. Typically men get them on their shoulders or calf and women like to get them as a lower back tattoo.There are a few out there that also get them as full back tattoos with more of a tradition Asian design.The color scheme of the Koi fish tattoo is very important element. A common color scheme would be the Yen Yang design of black and white. Most of the cases, the color scheme work the best if integrate with your shin color. For instant, if you have a dark or olive skin color it may be more suitable to choose a bright hue so the Koi fish tattoo to make it more visible.The natural colors of white, red, black, yellow or gold or perhaps a mixture of those colors would be applicable if you really want the test of more traditional style.Always remember that Koi Fish tatto o needs a place of honor on your body.

Men generally get them on their shoulders or calf and women like to get them as a lower back tattoo. Additions- Along with the koi fish tattoo you can always put some water in the background that splashes around the fish. Also Cherry blossom flower are very traditional and go well with a Japanese themed tattoo. Cost-It all depends on what size, how many colors, and type you Want.Additions and if you want the work custom designed or you are going to use flash. They typically run between $50 to $250 dollars.

More Koi fish Facts:

1. The Koi is associated with the family. On Children's Day Koi flags are raised, Black Koi the father, Orange/Red mother, Blue/White for a boy, red/pink for a girl.

2. The Koi Fish symbolizes courage in the Buddhist Religion. According to Buddhists, humans 'swim' through the 'ocean of suffering' without fear, just like a fish swims through water.

3. Another word to describe "love" is "koi". The kanji character for "kokoro (heart)" is included as part of both kanji characters. Both "ai" and "koi" can be translated as "love" in English.

Religious Tattoo Design

Locating Religion Artwork Online

Getting a religious tattoo design is a great choice, but locating the quality religion artwork online can be a pain, as you may have found out. You have probably scoured the web, trying to find the good designs, but have come up just about empty, if you were like me. Don't worry, though, because I will tell you what to watch out for when it comes to the generic art on the internet, as well as how to find the top notch stuff.

A religious tattoo design is not something that you should have to "settle" for. You should have to take any designs simply because that is all you could find. First of all, what that means is that you should not settle for a Google search. You also shouldn't rely on artwork from random, cookie-cutter websites that may have a lot of tattoos and designs. A lot of these places are filled with content that is over six or seven years old and plastered all over the internet already. Since that's the case, who knows how many people already have those designs inked on their skin? That's not the kind of religious tattoo design you want to settle for. You want your artwork to be original and you want it to be good quality, not some generic piece.

One more thing about those generic websites that may have a religious tattoo design you may see...

It has to do with the tons of artists that submit their artwork to these places. A lot of the artists do not have very much knowledge when it comes to tattoos. This means that they may be good at what they do, which is draw, but they don't know what it takes to draw something that will look just as good once inked on somebody's skin. Sure, they might be very good artists, but they don't know how to draw something that will look great once made into real-life tattoos. That's not the type of religious tattoo design you want to even think about getting.

The good news is that there are simple ways around the cookie-cutter designs out there, even for religious tattoo design artwork...

When starting your search for a religious tattoo design, you should begin with internet forums. I can't tell you how many different times I have gone straight to forums when I am searching for any particular tattoos and artwork. This is the best place to locate the websites that have quality designs that are made by artists that have in-depth knowledge when it comes to drawing something specifically made to be implemented as tattoos.

Remember, people love to brag when they find a hidden gem, such as a websites with top quality artwork, made especially for tattoos. This is how you can find that original religious tattoo design that is not plastered all over the internet. Good intentioned folks tell a select few about where they found the best art out there and you can reap the benefits.

Getting a quality religious tattoo design doesn't have to be hard anymore, so go ahead and get the original artwork and designs you have been looking for online.

Tattoo Lettering

Old English lettering Tattoos are one of our most popular requested styles here at Captain Bret’s Tattoo Shop In Newport, RI.

 Although called Old English lettering, it is actually not correctly named. The font was mistakenly called "Old English" because of the incorrect belief that it was the font for Old English.

The truth is that Old English existed way before the font was even invented, and it was not the actual font style used in Old English writing.

The proper name for the font we call "Old English" is actually known as “BLACK-LETTER”. The Black-letter font first arrived in 12th century western Europe and was the font of choice for that era until the 16th century. Old English lettering tattoos are based on this Black-letter font.

Historically the Celts often used to have endless knots in their artwork. These knots had no start or end and these tattoos were worn to symbolize never-ending love, faith, or life. Often they would use the knots in lettering and this lettering is what is used today in Celtic tattoos. Celtic lettering also often incorporates animals and mythical creatures within the knots of the lettering.
Chopper Tattoo Have a Fantastic Selection of Tattoo Lettering styles and fonts - below is just a small sample of what they have on offer 

The use of tattoo as a symbol of something is become highly popular. If you have someone you love, you can feel easy to paint your body with their name. You can use tattoo to do that. Besides that, if you are a fan of something and you want to show off your respect, you can use tattoo and put the name of something on your body.

If you want to write someone names on your body, you can choose tattoo lettering. This is become one of the most popular tattoo choice that can be helpful to show our respect to someone or something. If you want to make it unique and attractive, you can combine it with beautiful flowers, animal, or another unique art design. The letter will be very interesting because the letter is come in a great art creation. It is very enjoyable for you when you are looking for the most appropriate letter for your tattoo design.

You can find many people who are interested in using tattoo because of its design. Tattoo also can be use for fashion. You can get the greatest fashion style when you are looking the perfect tattoo design. If you are looking for some information about tattoo, you can try to find it in the trusted sites. 

Medieval flame roll'','''' stil''og''Buffy the Vampire Slayer''er some of the many letters that tattoo styles. All fonts can be used known as a style of tattoo. Each tattoo artist has a set of styles that can not be the same for others. The only tattoo artists who specialize in hand-letters, traditional tattooists are trained in only a handful of styles

Most of the time persons think only of black and gray when it comes to tattoo lettering. It is possible to decide on colored script if your tattoo is really a light hearted one. In reality it may possibly appear greater having a little color in it. Once more you wish to discuss this along with your artist and ask their opinion. They're the artist and can possibly see things differently from you.

Tattoo Meaning

Japanese kanji tattoo meanings

 card tattoo design

Tribal tattoo meanings are complex and classy tattoo design. This type of tattoo looks cool and good for the user that is commonly straight men. Objects in the tattoo are a pointed-toe silhouette that can be the metallic objects, animals, wheels, shields, and other sharp objects. Tribal tattoo meanings describing the place to be on the left or right arm, although did not rule on the position of the body.

The characters represented by tribal tattoo meanings are assertive, tough, adventurous, intrepid, and other properties associated with masculine world. Men often show their body part that is decorated with tattoos to create attention to a woman who saw it. It is very possible because this tattoo has a strong aura of maleness.

One form of creative artists is to combine tribal tattoo meanings design with another tattoo form. This combination produces a spectacular tattoo designs. It extends from the shoulder to the arm and continued to another parts of the body side. The images created are a series of amazing artwork and tease every woman who saw to touch it.

Many men who express themselves in tribal tattoo meanings are generally capable of self in the face of all the problems. Perhaps it is influenced by the suggestion tattoo image, maybe indeed the origin of the men had indeed been created as a tough adventurer. 


Whether you are thinking about your first tattoo or your fiftieth, or if you are just interested in tattoo meanings, this is the site for you.
We all have our own personal reasons for getting tattooed. For some a tattoo is their trademark an image that captures a key part of their personality or interests e.g. a musician gets musical notes, a car buff gets a vehicle picture or logo, or a martial arts expert gets a symbol from their dojo - or others, a tattoo may be their totem or lucky charm. Dice tattoos, Lucky Lady images, or spiritual images like dreamcatchers, crosses, or animals often fall into this category. Tattoos can also be tributes a commemoration or memorial to loved ones or specific events. Whatever the reason for getting a tattoo, one thing is certain
 The key word there is permanent. This is an important decision, and should not be taken lightly!
Maybe you have heard the story of Kari Smith, the young woman who in 2005 auctioned off space on her face as an advertising site. For $10,000 US, she had her forehead tattooed with the name of an online gambling casino. Reports are that the folks at actually tried to talk her out of it, but Forehead Goldie (as she now calls herself) went ahead with the tattoo. Most of us would probably agree that this was NOT a good decision!

Tattoo Design

Eminem got this tattoo as a mark of respect for his uncle, Ronnie Pilkington, who committed suicide back in 1991. Eminem was much closer to his uncle, who first introduced him to HipHop, than anyone else in his family and often includes uncle Ronnie in some of his lyrics.
This tattoo is very artistic : it is related to the ghetto life in Detroit. You can see a huge mushroom along with buildings and the eye of a whore. 

I loved the bunker comradery that comes with intense life and death

Angel tattoos are typically very large size designs that are rectangular in shape. They are often doen witht heir wings outstretched and are therefore rather large designs. In terms of placement it is very common to see angel tattoos on the upper or lower back area. Sometimes people get them on their chest and occasionally a forearm or calf area.
Small angel tattoo designs are often done around a wrist or ankle and sometimes on the shoulder area.
Cost of An Angel Tattoo
The overall cost of an angel tattoo can really vary depending ont he artist, the size of the tattoo and the amount of work it takes to get the design. Choosing flash is always cheaper then getting a custom design. However, for a real high quality tattoo that you will enjoy and love for years to come custom designs are the only way to go. This will allow you to have input into the design and shape the final resulting angel tattoo to look exactly the way you want it to. For flash an angel tattoo will range between $50 and $150 dollars. Where as a custom design will run between $75 and up to $200 or more. Again the size of the final project is a big determiner on the overall cost. The larger the tattoo the more expensive it will be.
Time Commitment for an Angel Tattoo
This will also very greatly dpeending on the size of the design and the intricacy of it. Since angel tattoos usually require less color options they can be a little faster to get done. Angel tattoo projects can easily run between 3 and 15 hours of work.


A neck tattoo is a sure sign that your life will suck.

Moronic Tattoo

"This guy is a friggin gluttonous moronic pig to say the least....Now it looks like we'll be footing his medical bills because of his lifestyle choices!!! Hurry up and croak!"

"He has been awarded the Jeffrey K. Monroe Lifetime Achievement Award."

"Generation ZERO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
-heyjoe (number one fan)

"Maybe he's not so stupid after all. I think he might be looking for a piece of that 4.3 million that we just got to fight obesity."

"looks like he idolizes Belushi...the dead one."

"eeewwww.. he is just gross"

"Justin Ellis and is continual persona of the stupid and mundane still pervades this rag... Get some real articulate writers of the human condition instead of gluttonous Neanderthals that portend to be food experts... This is really the bottom of the barrel!!!!"

"Belushi plus Farley equals dead. The guy has a coke habit that is going to kill him. Do we celebrate the homeless alcoholic addicts in Portland? Not a fan."

"This guy is a moron to say the least. He is the reason why so many Mainers are overweight. When eating out, I always ask for a "to go" container when they bring my food. The servers don't like this but I don't eat out that often, but when I do, the food is going home with me. If they would lower their prices, and serve smaller meals, they would also have more customers. But this guy is just a "pig" and to think that I as a taxpayer will be paying for his medical bills now. So wrong, have a heart attack and die and save us all the money."

"There is a huge difference between enjoying foie gras and wine, and blowing a rail of cocaine the size of my arm and pounding vodka straight out of the bottle. He's an addict and an embarassment to the Portland culture scene. Disgusting."

"The point is that he's disgusting and ready to die. The coke, hard alcohol and other excesses should not be celebrated. Have a good time, enjoy food, but don't make a mess out of yourself. Which he does. Do you think the staff at Maine Magazine are aware of his cocaine habit? I have SEEN him do more coke in one sitting than I have ever seen in movies. There is a problem. It is undeniable. He isn't going to live past 33 like Belushi. Blood Pressure and cholesterol pills ain't going to help this guy!"